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OHF Application—Pool 2 Deadline:

August 15th, 2017


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Print out your 2018 Hand Plant Tree Order Form. You can mail them to us or stop in and drop them off.


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Soil Health Day– Feb 20, 2018


Curved Up Ribbon:    Tree Planting Grants Available   
Vertical Scroll: ND Statewide Tree Planting Initiative

60% cost share for tree plantings.
Cost share includes trees, tree tubes, & fabric for weed control
Caps out at $25,000.00
Must be the current landowner to apply.
Minimum grant request: $1,800 
Minimum 6-8 rows on North and Westside plantings
Minimum 4-5 rows on South and Eastside plantings

Second Batching  Deadline: August 15th, 2017

Available for spring of 2018 tree plantings!

If you are interested in getting more information about either of these grants, or to see what other cost share options might be available, please contact the staff at the Richland County Soil Conservation District.

NDSU Soil Health


Follow these links to watch video clips from the 2013 Saline and Sodic Tour held in Mooreton, ND


Saline & Sodic Soil


CIG Demo Site



If your property borders a river or stream you will find the information in “Living with a River” very helpful. To view the book click on the link below.


Living with a River

Helpful Fabric Fact Sheet


If you are looking for helpful facts on managing your tree fabric or if you are trying to decide if you want it or not, check out our fact sheets on tree fabric for your plantings:


Advantages & Disadvantages to Tree Fabric


Fabric Management


Planting Grass Between Fabric Rows


Tillage For Weed Control -  Non Fabric Users



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For information on soil health visit these links:


Unlock the Secrets in the Soil


Soil Health Fact Sheet

ND Forest Service

Windbreak Renovation Initiative


· 50% of the actual cost distributed on a reimbursement basis.

· Assessment of forest resources and Forest Restoration Plan required.

· Reimbursement limited to maximum of $10,000.00.

· For more information visit the ND Forest Service website or come into our office.

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