Here is a brief summary of the services provided by Richland County Soil Conservation District. We welcome everyone to come in and visit with us if you would like more information regarding any of our services.

No-Till Seeder

RCSCD now offers a No-Till Seeder service for producers!

We will come out and do the seeding, providing our own driver and tractor! We were able to purchase the drill through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department receiving a grant through the US Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Aid funds under the Wildlife Restoration Act (CFDA# 15.611). All you need to do is purchase the seed!

Our 7 ft. Landpride no-till seeder is perfect for between tree rows, seeding CRP acres, restoring a pasture, or installing a pollinator plot! Stop into the office anytime and we will set up a date to come out and do your seeding project in the spring or fall! Cost is $25/ per acre with a minimum charge of $400.00. We will provide the tractor, and driver.

The seeder is not available for rent.

Hand Plant Trees

RCSCD offers a wide variety of trees for those desiring a self planting option. Tree orders are accepted until early April, however guaranteed availability is limited after February 15. Purchasers are notified when orders are available for pickup.

Our regular stock trees are 12-18” tall and are $2.00 per tree or $30.00 per bundle of 25, payable at time of pick up. Potted 1 gallon trees are $8.50. Taller stock trees 2-3 ft. are $3.00 each, over 3 ft. are $4.00. Please contact the office for pricing on varieties that have an asterisk (*) by their name on the hand plant form.

Tree availability is subject to change.

Machine Tree Planting

Our staff can suggest trees and shrubs based on a property’s soil type. Additionally, we machine plant windbreaks and apply fabric, which is offered to control weed growth.

The cost is $30.00 per 100 feet (including trees and labor). Fabric is available at a cost of $50.00 per 100 feet (including labor). If eligible, a cost-share is offered for these services.

Grass Seed

RCSCD is a full-service Agassiz Seed grass seed dealer. We offer CRP, CSP, WRP, and pollinator mixes. We can also customize any seed mixture to suit your needs.

Abandoned Well Sealing

The well sealing program is available to anyone within Richland County who wishes to seal water wells that are no longer functional. Financial assistance is available through the Richland County Soil Conservation District.

Plantskydd Animal Repellant

RCSCD now has Plantskydd Animal Repellant for sale. Plantskydd has been known to successfully repel small critters, deer, and elk from damaging trees.

Cover Crops

RCSCD sells cover crop mixes for grazing, salinity management, and moisture utilization/conservation. Mixes can be customized based on individual needs.